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We try to inspire other people that success is learning and failing is learning too!
Project Target

We’re trying to empower young girls and  boys by learning them how to manage a project and work in a team.

It will be interesting developing something interesting in the beginning of 2019.


We’ve been working on 3 prototypes so far, and right now we are currently adding some specific tasks that will be done by this robot.


Team is formed by 6 makers of BONEVET gender equal (3 girls and 3 boys)with all of them characterized from their passion and commitment for this project. They work systematically  and each of them has their set tasks. During all the time team will be mentored from Dr.Msc Ardian Jusufi and BONEVET staff.

This project has started on 1st of October 2017.
Members for this project have been chosen from BONEVET Makerspace, whereas each of these team members showed interests for BIOENGINEERING and re-searching, whereas they are commited on having 10 hours a week at least for contributing in this project.
  • Until now our team has been progressing on some designs, assemblies and electronics.
BRC Team
What have we been working on ?


One of the biggest concerns through the last years in Kosovo and other countries has been involvement of females in technology and science. BONEVET is trying to change these “problems” by giving females the opportunity to express themselves. Each project that is being done in BONEVET has 50% females and 50% males for gender equality.



Buna Perteshoni

Team Leader

Gëzim Haziri

Deputy Team Leader

Albulena Morina

Team Member

Yll Dujaka

Team Member

Era Hasimja

Team Member 

Drilon Bardhi

Team Member

Our sponsor

Our sponsor is K.R.U Gjakova, which mostly works on infrastructure of distributing and improving the quality of the water here in Gjakova. 

Have an idea or a project, lets collaborate and build some awesome stuff.


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The difference between our human-made structures and naturally ocurring ones is the uniformity and stiffness of the structure and it's members.

This website is about the Bio Robot Car project that is happening in BONEVET Makerspace.

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