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The start


This month we start off by making a research for Bioengineering. We read about many things that have been new to us. We have seen different videos showing how robots with tail work and how they can climb to a certain height. After reading for Bioengineering and after watching different videos we have to present what we have read and seen. Our other duty was to make a sketch of how we imagine the robot in the end and we defined how our ideal robot would look like. Our ideas were not very different from each other. We all thought the robot in the shape of a lizard with four legs  and a tail that would only move (x, y). As well as our idea was that the robot change those wheels depending on the surface that the robot is gonna walk on.E.X for glass diferent wheels with vacuum , for wood claws etc. Bioengineering is a discipline that applies engineering principles of design and analysis to biological systems and biomedical technologies. 

Our first design

After reading and watching different videos we started to design. Although some of us still were not familiar with the design, we held a design workshop where we learned from it how to design. With the help of each other we designed these three whegs. We had different ideas since we all saw different videos and had received different information regarding the robots with the tail. 

After reading and designing, we started to learn a bit about electronics. We started to learn more about electronics, about its basic parts. for a robot that will climb vertically will need an electronics that will perform very well. So at first we began to test ourselves in this field. We split into two groups and one group had the duty to create a small electronics that would connect with two simple motors( DC motors) and by that electronics the engines would be in operation while the second group also had the task of creating a small and simple electronics but now the electronics would be connected to a servo motor. 

Since we have tried ourselves in electronic and design we decided that in the meeting we will keep each of us will show us where he or she is willing to work he or she more in this project. Buna as a leader team has been watching us where we are capable of and so she also gives us an opinion on where she is calling us more to work. As you can see two of our group will devote more importance to electronics Drilon adn Gezim. Albulena, Buna and Yll will be devoted to the design part. While Era will deal more with the documentation of everything and will always be ready for anything about the team like anybody else. Even though our work is separate this does not mean that we will only deal with these jobs. We will also work with other things and we will be challenged and learn more. Our key task will be research that will follow us from the beginning to the end of this project. 


This website is about the Bio Robot Car project that is happening in BONEVET Makerspace.

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