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At the beginning of this month we held a meeting where we talked about creating a new prototype base and about the presentation we will make before the sponsors and before the GreenFestival festival that will be held this month. First we started discussing for the new base we will create. The new base was thought to be two parts, where the parts will stick to each other with a small part of the wood and the bolts. We thought the base was from wood, for the reason that it would take less time to finalize. In the first picture you can see a simple drawing of the base that we think we realize. In the picture also seen an electronic part (arduino), which we decided to see if the length of the base would be appropriate to occupy the arduino and also the other electronic parts. This form of base has been made because it is more like a lizard because we as project are trying to finally our prototype look like a lizard to imitate its movements. After that we discussed about the presentation at the sponsors and the Green Festival. First we need to have a prototype that will move and climb the trackway, after that we need to have a presentation where in that presentation we will show our work and progress so far. We also need a brochure, where in that brochure will be presented who we are and what we do. In general, all documentation must be readily available for any angle

We immediately started designing the new base. The front part of the base will be in apioid form, the lower part will be wider and the upper part will be thinner. The front part will have the small part of the wood that will catch the first part with the second part. Also on the base will be open four holes that will be needed for the electronic parts where through those holes the cables will connect with each other. The dimensions of this part are: length 12cm, wide 11cm, the small part 3cm and extrude 0,5cm. The back of the base will be in the form of a curve and the top ending with two narrow angles. This part will have six open holes where the two holes in the beginning will need to be caught with the small part of the front part while the other holes will have the same function as the holes in the first part. The dimensions of this part are: length13cm,wide 11cm and extrude 0,5cm. The whole base will be long 25cm and wide 11cm.

After testing the new base, we realised that spliting it in two parts wasn’t a good idea. The reason why it was not good idea to break the base into two parts was that when the two parts were joined to each other, it was not certain that the parts would not be separated and would have security. So we started creating a unified base with the same shape. Also the dimensions of it will be the same, but there will be more holes in the base. Because we wanted to make more space for the electonical components.

The new prototype has the same parts as the old one. The only thing that changed is the base. It has a brand new look.

The presantion on Green Festival went great. The prototype worked really good and a lot of people showed interest. We talked about our prototype and our future goals we also talked and shared ideas with other companies and maybe new investors. Ambasadors from other countries also showed interest and she was impresed by our work. We are really happy because we represented not only our project but the entire BONEVET.  The Green Festival is the most significant green energy event in Kosovo where stakeholders gather to share environmentally friendly practices that correspond to global goals for a more ecological environment.

Buna and Drilon on Thursday went on a meeting at K.R.U “Gjakova” which mostly works on infrastructure of distributing and improving the quality of the water here in Gjakova. We presented our project in front of them by showing them our previous prototype our current one and the goal we want to reach out by the end of this year. They loved the concept and the passion we’ve grown this project with, so they decided to sponsor our project with 1/5 amount of money. We are really thankful, and are looking forward to other partnerships with different companies.

After making the budget and after our presentation in the Green Festival we started to design our idea how the robot will look at the end of the project. 

The robot primary duty is to climb the 80 degrees, for this purpose the weight, construction, structure and material to be used for its construction is very important. The design of the robot will make it impossible for him to be hampered by gravitational forces or by any force that can ruin it. The materials to be used for the robot structure will be PLA, ABS, TPU, (in 3d printers), wood of high quality but of small thickness(in laser cut) and silicon rtv side A and side B (for the robot’s feet ) that we can process through the CNC. 

We will present our idea of how the robot will look at the end of the project, but nothing is crucial.

The base it will be designed in two separate parts the first part, which will have a curved shape from the outside and planar shape between which will be connected by two systems to the left and right with the second part of the body which will be bigger than the first and will have a planar shape in the middle but a narrow arch shape from the back. 

The head of the robot will be the simplest part of it all because it will have the form of the head of the lizard which will be narrow at the front and the wider at the link between it and the base. It will have a camera set in the middle of which the robot will enrich us with information on the environment in which it is located.

The robot’s tail will be in the back of the body. Its design will be in the form that in the planar part that connects to the base is 7cm wide and every 3cm narrows for one cm ie if at the beginning there is width 7cm after 3 cm will be reduced to 6cm and so on until reach 1cm. The tail will be tied to the screw with the base. It will move by using servos that are placed on the base that will move it up and down when the gyroscope shows that the robot has lost stability ie is not balanced. 

The robot will have a total of four feet, two on the left and two on the right side equidistant from each other. Each foot will have the same practicality of the move, ie it will have the same design, movement, structure and elements the same. 

Silicone will be the key element in attaching the lizard with the glass. He will have the ability to climb and take off from the glass through the forces of Van der Waals which will be cut in the equivalent form of the toe. Silicone toe will stick with glue or other adhesive and in the front part will be put the pulling wires.


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